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MVP Green Zone Module I: Core Veterans Advocacy Training for Faculty & Staff
Core Training is open to all faculty and staff members and is the first module in this veterans’ advocacy training. This program is designed to assist faculty and staff to better serve student veterans and their family members on campus.

Originator: Eric Washington            Posted On :   6/29/2016

Graduate Minor in Cross-Cultural Studies (CCS)- ALL GRADUATE DISCIPLINES
The CCS Graduate Minor is supported by a multidisciplinary curriculum geared toward enhancing cross-cultural knowledge, skills, leadership, and lifetime professional success in a broad variety of traditional and non-traditional career paths.

Originator: Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Academic * Departmental 

OIF/OEF/OND Veterans Needed for Online Study
We are looking for OIF, OEF, and OND Veterans to take part in an online study which looks at personal growth and psychological health after military experience. Participants have the chance to win a $10 gift card.

Originator: Dominika Borowa            Posted On :   6/29/2016

Core Lab Science Online- BIOL 1113 & BIOL 1305 - Summer II
Fulfill one lab science core requirement summer II from home, with an online version of Ecology and Environmental Problems (BIOL1305-D31) and Environmental Problems Lab (BIOL1113-D01)

Originator: Deborah Carr            Posted On :   6/29/2016

Environmental Sustainability - Fall '16 - Online Graduate Course BIOL 6301-D09
Environmental Sustainability is being offered Fall 2016 as an online elective for graduate students across all related fields.

Originator: Deborah Carr            Posted On :   6/30/2016

Honor a staff member whose outstanding work and team spirit have positively impacted the Red Raider community. Top Techsan award nominations are due July 15.

Originator: BRITTA Tye            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Research Survey
This research survey will help to determine the prevalence of an under-recognized but probably very common disorder.

Originator: Stephanie Hart            Posted On :   6/29/2016


Originator: Cristina Sierra            Posted On :   6/29/2016
Academic * Departmental 

Family Weekend - Promote your Department or Organization's Event
Family Weekend is September 29 - October 2, 2016

Originator: Christine Self            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Arts & Entertainment * Departmental * Student Organization 

All 2016 Distinguished Staff Awards nominations are due tomorrow at 5:00 pm.

Originator: Christine Cozart            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Departmental * Faculty/Staff Organization 

Natural Resource Management Majors Needed for Fall 2016 Tutor Positions
We need you! Are you interested in helping fellow students in your field? Are you looking for a positive, well-paying part time position on campus? Come work with us at the TECHniques Center!

Originator: Kyla Shannon            Posted On :   6/29/2016
Student Employment/Career Opportunities 

Beat the summer heat at Sam's Place at Murray!
Sam’s Place at Murray is keeping you cool this summer and serving up a variety of treats to help you beat the heat! Come by and cool off with f'real milkshakes, smoothies or frozen cappuccinos!

Originator: Alan Cushman            Posted On :   6/29/2016
Arts & Entertainment 

WS 4399 Seminar Offered (Fall 2016)
Probe your chosen career path. Ponder depictions of knowledge from several perspectives. Connect media in many disciplines to your lived experiences. Enhance your global competencies while increasing your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Academic * Departmental * Student Organization 

Follow The Women's Studies Program on Social Media
Join our Facebook page, and follow our Twitter posts to receive the latest information about upcoming classes, social meetings, campus events, scholarships, call for proposals and the much more!

Originator: Patricia Earl            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Academic * Faculty/Staff Organization * Student Organization 

Join our Jolly Pirate Crew! TTU Celtic Ensemble & Elegant Savages Orchestra
The TTU Celtic Ensemble is recruiting for Fall-Spring 2016-17!

Originator: CHRISTOPHER J Smith            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Arts & Entertainment 

Seeking campus partners: Summer Music and Dance Workshops
Join the Vernacular Music Center to promote participatory music & dance

Originator: CHRISTOPHER J Smith            Posted On :   6/29/2016
Arts & Entertainment 

Female social drinkers needed for a research study: Earn $25
Dr. Amelia Talley is looking for female participants for a research study on verbal fluency and taste preferences.

Originator: Mizuka Yasuoka            Posted On :   6/30/2016

Are you First Generation? Not sure, let's clarify!
Many students do not know what it means to be the first in their family to attend a four-year university, if you are not sure, let's clarify!

Originator: Priscilla Morales            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Academic * Departmental 

Judo Kids Class (FREE!)
Judo Kids Class at the TTU Rec @ 2pm in Rm 116 on Sundays.
Girls and Boys of all ages are welcome! It's free and open to the Lubbock community!
For more info contact Sonya Booker at SONYABOOK@GMAIL.COM

Originator: Sonya Booker            Posted On :   6/29/2016
Student Organization 

VMC Summer Music and Dance Workshops: BalFolk 2016!
Euro-French folk music-and-dance weekend, TTU campus

Originator: CHRISTOPHER J Smith            Posted On :   6/29/2016
Arts & Entertainment 

Physics 5300: New and Renewable Sustainable Energy
Department of Physics offering in the 2nd Summer Session 2016.

Originator: Joyce Norton            Posted On :   6/30/2016

Next Week's Professional Development Events for Graduate Students
Don't miss these free professional development events for grad students & postdocs!Click the headline for details or visit the Graduate School Calendar of Events at

Originator: KIM Elmore            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Research * Lectures & Seminars 

Explore the World of Career Development Opportunities at Texas Tech
Texas Tech offers over 60 Graduate Certificate programs and more than 150 Master’s and Doctoral degree programs to help you to advance in your current career, to gain additional professional skills, and to improve your resume.

Originator: Shannon Samson            Posted On :   6/28/2016
Academic * Departmental 

The Fit 4 Fun Triathlon will be held at the Rec Center's leisure pool on Saturday, July 16th, 201. The race is open for kids ages 7-14. Registration information is available at or call 806-742-3828.

Originator: Scott Layher            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Departmental * Rec Sports Programming 

Summer is the Perfect Time To Reach Your Goals With A Personal Trainer!
Summer is a great time to start new habits and reach your goals! Let a Certified Personal Trainer from the Rec Center help you achieve yours goals. Stop by the Fit/Well inside the Rec for more info or go to

Originator: Scott Layher            Posted On :   6/30/2016
Departmental * Rec Sports Programming 

Dating couples are needed to study relationship development. Both should be at least 18 years old, never married, childless, be interested in participating in a 3-phase study, and would like to be entered in a drawing for an Amazon gift card.

Originator: Maya Takano            Posted On :   6/28/2016

Unhappily Married Couples Needed
Have you been struggling in your marriage? Have you been married for 3 years or less? Is this the first marriage for you and your spouse? If your answers are “Yes”, please contact us for participation with your spouse in a decision-making study!

Originator: Dan Fang            Posted On :   6/30/2016

fMRI Study Participants Needed $25
Individuals who are at least 23 years old are invited to participate in a research study on social decision-making. Financial compensation ($25) is available.

Originator: Dan Fang            Posted On :   6/30/2016

Scantron/Scanning Services Hours for Summer I 2016 Finals
Instructors using TOSM's Scantron test scanning services for Summer I, please note the extended hours of operation.

Originator: LISA Gould            Posted On :   6/29/2016
Academic * Departmental